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Frequently Asked Questions by NSR Contracting INC.
Design/Build or D/B for short, is a type of project delivery system wherein you have a single point of responsibility for both design and build. Many years ago, a homeowner or anyone with a construction project would have to hire an architect for the design and then speak separately to a contractor to build. Nowadays, D/B has simplified the workflow by making it easier for you to make decisions, coordinate, and negotiate for your construction projects.
Design/Build has many advantages. One of the most important is that it saves you time and money to have a D/B. This type of project management also provides you best value solutions for the different aspects of construction even before the design is completed. As everyone is on board from the beginning (designers, engineers, and others), conflicts in elements are avoided. We are also able to identify and address issues of cost, schedule, and construction matters early on.

As a Design/Build company, we have a number of proof points to show why working with us is a great deciding factor for your construction:

  • Experience and expertise: We have been in the industry since 1989, that’s long enough for us to know the ins and outs of the construction industry, particularly in Vancouver.
  • Honesty and dependability: We practice high ethics and are truthful at all times.
  • Quality craftsmanship: We take pride in what we do and always deliver a work that’s above par.
  • Value for money: Every dollar you spend is going to be well worth it. We exercise transparency in costs and no surprises.
  • Project management: Building on our great reputation in Vancouver area, we deliver our projects in the timeliest manner as much as possible. We use the latest technique, technology, and tools for efficient and high-quality work.
  • Full service: We provide complete service package and guide our clients through every step of the construction process, from design to material discussion, budget to site arrangement, to ensure positive construction experience.

It starts with an evaluation of the project scope. With an existing building, we assess the structure and determine what needs to be improved upon. We listen to determine your wants and needs for the property. Once we discuss your goals and how we will address the challenges, you then decide on whether NSR Contracting is the one for you. Should you decide on our favor, we start with the preliminary work such as measurement of your space, preparing architectural schematics, among others to provide you initial costs. With your approval, we then proceed to a full evaluation so we can start developing the design. During this phase, expect meetings to a maximum of four to finalize the design. We will then provide you a fixed cost construction contract.

Yes. We provide a free proposal. There is no charge for the initial consultation as this is exploratory in nature. Once it is determined that we are the best for your project and you have chosen to work with us, we will then require a deposit towards the design cost. The deposit is based on a ballpark of the construction cost. As the design progresses, we will be able to determine a more accurate cost range. This is where we will base the percentage for the design fee. After we have completed the design, we will give you a fixed cost contract.
Ideally, we should come over to your property for our meeting to see for ourselves the initial design challenges. It is also part of our client relationship building to be on your property where you are comfortable to discuss budgets, wants and needs. It also provides us the opportunity to determine what you might need in terms of design and construction.
It helps if you already have an idea of what you want on your home or commercial space, including a budget. For design, the Internet and social media have plenty of ideas you can use as pegs. This will help us get a sense of your preferences. Prior to the meeting, it would be great if you can also prepare a wish list and must haves for discussion. You may also try to get a copy of your building plot and provide us one during the meeting.
Yes. We hope you understand that as we work by appointments only, we also want to make sure that we assign the best resources for you. It will greatly help us if we have information upfront to make it more efficient for you.
Yes, we prefer that all decision makers are present as much as possible so that everyone is on the same page. It will give all of us clarity, accuracy, and efficiency if we discuss matters about the construction project at once. We want to make sure that we provide you a design and work that you will be happy with so it is important that we are aligned all the time. In the long run, there will be less room for mistakes and will eventually save you time and money.

The honest answer to that is it all depends on the elements involved in your construction project. While we may have worked on a previous project that has the same measurements, the owners’ preferences greatly vary. Some clients would focus on materials regardless how pricey it may be. With Design/Build, our work is bespoke and unique for you. We also work within a budget that you want and make sure you get the most value out of it.

It is always best to check on your own books before embarking on a construction project. From there, you can see how much financial impact it will affect you. It is best to be honest with what your coffers can provide to make sure you get the design and build that you want.
The length of time to complete a construction entails a lot of variables. Oftentimes, it would even depend on the availability of some materials specific to your project. As a general practice, work starts as soon as the contract is signed. Permits are secured and the initial procurement happens. A simple construction project may range between 12-16 weeks conservatively. A larger and more complex one would take much longer. With our decades of experience, we pride ourselves in meeting our construction schedule and deadlines.
This will be clearly outlined in the terms and conditions of your contract. A deposit will be given during the design phase that is based on the percentage of the total project cost. Progress payments will be made thereafter every milestone met.
The project manager will be your main contact. Any correspondence or inquiries about the project should be directed to the project manager being the responsible person in charge. On site, there will be a lead carpenter who is taking care of the day-to-day supervision of the project. Both the project manager and lead carpenter work closely together to ensure that the construction is on schedule and running smoothly.


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